The rate of violence in the United States is alarming. The youth violence in Chicago, the home of Mary’s Court, is an epidemic. Mary’s Court is passionate about reducing youth violence, which is why we are working to build safe outlets for kids and create safe spaces for gangs to communicate with each other.

Safety Programs

Marillac House

Windy City Hoops

Isiah Thomas in partnership with Mayor Emanuel started a fundraising campaign to launch the Windy City Hoops program in ten park districts, offering a safe haven to kids and families through sports.
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Chicago Public Safety Action Committee

Chicago Public Safety Action Committee

Isiah Thomas was appointed by Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel to serve on the Chicago Public Safety Action Committee in 2013, an effort to raise and invest $50 million of privately-funded investments in programs to reduce violence.
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The Peace League

The Peace League

In its second year, the Peace League offers young men a positive alternative to hanging out on the streets through providing safe spaces to play basketball, build relationships, and make positive changes in their lives and communities. Isiah Thomas gained national recognition in September 2012 and 2013, as a co-host of the Ballin for Peace Tournament…
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“Over the years, communication and sports and play have broken down racial and cultural barriers. We believe that once kids who might be at risk get to know each other and play sports together, the murder rate will drop. In fully functioning parks and schools, we can win their hearts and minds and create safe places for them to interact with each other.”

– Isiah Thomas

Partnership with Father Pfleger

Mary’s Court has worked closely with anti-violence activist Father Pfleger of St. Sabina Church in Chicago. In 2012, Diane Sawyer joined Isiah Thomas and Tio Hardiman at a town hall at St Sabina with rival gang members to discuss the crime epidemic in the city. “We came to listen and what we heard I think is so powerful, and I really do believe the first thing we have to do is wake everybody up again and to the help that is needed,” Sawyer told ABC7.

Black Men Must Stop Killing Black Men

Anderson Cooper speaks with Rev. Michael Pfleger and former NBA Player Isiah Thomas about how they work to prevent gang-related crime in Chicago.
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